About Creative Prosperity

Creative Prosperity publication was founded as a newsletter in 2023 by me, Cédric. I'm an indie designer and solopreneur who had a dream. This dream was to reach financial-, location- and time freedom as a designer. Something I’ve never thought was possible. I’ve worked at digital agencies for 12 years straight, but I always sought freedom. I worked tirelessly on the side until I finally found a business that worked and earned me real money on the Internet.

I started to make a living with digital products in 2020 and was finally successful enough to live from it in 2023 by doing a yearly revenue of around $70K (digital products only). Creative Prosperity exists because I want to give you ALL the knowledge and experience I gathered over the past years.

This newsletter is free and is sent out every two weeks. However, if you want even more, I have something for you: The Creative Prosperity Subscription.

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  • Do you want more in life than just a 9-5?

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  • Don’t you wanna sell your time anymore?

If you check these points, the premium tier of the Creative Prosperity newsletter is exactly right for you.

What’s in for you? As a paid subscriber you get access to:

  • Tons of articles about business, strategies, online marketing, and mindset

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  • Weekly emails so you are not missing anything

  • Archive on creativeprosperity.club

If I were at your place right now, I’d wish to find someone like myself who did this journey already.

I’ve been there.

I’ve done it.

And I want to show you EXACTLY how you can do it, too.

There is no time to waste.

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I’m Cédric – I design & build things. Mostly online, sometimes offline.